About us
T.A.D Therapies t/a THAC- The Holistic Angels Company is accredited by The British Guild of Drugless Practitioners (Complimentary medicine and Metaphysics) The Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy, and The Cambridge Institute of Massage.Registered number B2005/72
The Company has worked with Standard Bank, Radmark,Elevation Studios and the  Business Network Institute, Goldwell as well as numerous colleges across the country.
Tatty is the resident Yoga/Pilates teacher at THAC.
Our Holistic exercises work with releasing  stuck emotions from the muscles of the body, bringing relief from the symptoms of stress.Tatty is known for her practical application of Yoga/Pilates addressing mental and emotional health.
"My intention is to empower individuals with  holistic knowledge and skills on a personal level, which will ultimately empower the company by whom they are employed."

                                            MY VISION

                               I look to the future and clearly see,
                               Other people just like you and me.
                               Using their tools of heart, mind and soul,
                               Living life to the full achieving their goals.

                               My wish is to always mindful be,
                               Of your uniqueness which you may not see.

                     May i guide you, assist you and illuminate your worth,
                     As we spend our time together on Mother Earth.

                                                     MY MISSION

                   On the pathway to your vision the building blocks will be:
                                       First and foremost integrity,
                              Then honesty with intentions of gold ,                   
                          and a provider of wisdom's old.


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