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  The Feminine Principle

The Feminine within us is how we are with ourselves.

Are we kind to ourselves? Do we honour our feelings?-allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Do we allow people to bully us so that we move away from our truths?

Do we doubt and sabotage ourselves?

Honouring our feminine within us whether we are male or female is vitally important to our emotional well-being. It is an inner commitment to love, accept and honour yourself and an inner trust in this commitment. So when the feeling arises to try something new creatively or spiritually, for example, there is trust and that this will be respected and acted upon within yourself. 

By being able to do all of this we begin to feel safe ,protected, and strong enough to take risks and live a bold ,expressive, truthful and creative life with more energy and passion.


THAC  has put together the following 3 workshops for women:

  • The Pamper Package Workshop for those of you who need Pampering holistically.
  • The Goddess Within Workshop for finding out who you really are.  


  • The Venus Workshop for learning how to love yourself.


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