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Benefits of Holistic Counselling and Coaching
This integrated awareness gradually empowers you to embrace life more fully with more trust and confidence.Clients who useTHAC'S counselling and coaching services are able to face a diverse range of issues.See the Wheel of Life below.



             Holistic counselling and coaching

 Holistic counselling and coaching takes the whole person into consideration, otherwise known as the body/mind spirit approach.Holistic philosophies and methodologies are incorporated based on the individual needs and preferences of clients.

Group Counselling is done on the company's premises with one department at a time
Individuals, couples,family counselling and coaching.


I provide  counselling via Skype where this is the most suitable form of contact.E-mail for details.

Receiving counselling over the phone gives people the opportunity  to access support in the comfort of their own environment.This gives them a familiar and often beneficial setting in which to receive help.




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