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Benefit to company

Decrease in absenteeism
due to stress related illnesses.
Increased motivation.
The company is seen to be equipping staff members with useful personal skills.
Builds team and company morale by allowing individuals to relax and relate to each other without the stress of mental, emotional and physical challenges.

  • Stress Success  Stress-Relief Workshop-1 hour and fifteen minutes.Working with hands on exercises,  breath-work,self-healing massage techniques, nutrition and posture analysis to destress, and Holistic healing coaching(body-mind connection)for optimal health and stress relief.
  • Pamper Package Workshop- 3 to 4 hours.For P.A's, secretaries and office staff.Learn how to pamper yourself with stretching(Holistic Yoga/Pilates), focussed breathing and the use of aromatherapy to maintain a destressed frame of mind.
  • The Corporate Connection Workshop- 3 to 4 hours.This workshop bridges the gap between employer and employee by empowering employees to work practically with their stress.Working with the exercises from the stress workshop,changing attitudes  and communicating positively,learning how to give a stress massage and receive one, and destress with visualization and a guided meditation.
  • The Couples Relationship Workshop-3 to 4 hours .Learn how to massage,exercise and understand each other.How to date again,communicate and destress.Learn the language of love and apology and find out the trouble spots in the relationship.
  • Executive Power Workshop for CEO's managers and leaders- 8 hour workshop.THAC fills the need to develop a new generation of leaders.Great leaders are forged with self-respect, knowledge, experience,understanding, and compassion.Leaders are taught how to take responsibility for who they are and to ground their power in a practical way.They then become effective leaders who lead and serve others with integrity.A first among equals.
  • Venus/Adonis and Goddess workshops- 3 to 4 hours.Learning how to love and nurture yourself, to express your potential-your talents, hopes and heartfelt desires , your remarkable power as a woman and a man and how to better, own and express it.  
  • The Abuse Workshop-End the silence on domestic violence.We offer individual counselling and help you to find where your self-esteem was taken away from you.
  • The Inner Child Workshop -Inner child work and inner child therapy are a means to which we can learn to love ourselves and feel safer within.How to recover from addictions and childhood abuse.
  • The Muscle Emotional Link- How to identify abnormal muscle and linking emotion to muscles and organs
  • The Spirituality and Positivity Workshop-Thinking Big.Affirmations,Chemicalizations.The difference between negative and positive and how to turn the negative to positive.
  • The Perfumed crystal rainbow- Harness the power of aroma, colour, crystals and the angels to deepen your sense of well-being and enhance your life.
  • Holistic Reflexology and Aromatherapy-Holistic Massage Therapy techniques for the body and the feet.
  • Learn and Earn for students - a 5 day practical workshop.Holistic Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy stress massage and foot massage. 
  • Numerology workshop- Understand the hidden meanings of your  numbers in your name and date of birth.Take a journey of self-discovery by solving the secret of your existence. Understand your many talents and potentials.   

For more information on these workshops  and prices do not hesitate to call Tatty at THAC. Please see the contact details on the home page.


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